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  2. We’re thrilled to present these special installation photos of our largest commission to date.  Extensive research, dedicated labor, and exceptional craftsmanship made this 'steam-punk meets Romanticism' painting possible. This painting was custom designed for a Connecticut based non-ferrous metal recycling business. 

    "The Allegory of Prime Materials" 

    Oil on Linen

    144” x 60”

    Captivating lighting and a somber landscape set the scene for this industrial allegory. Man-made methods of extraction and transportation are beautifully juxtaposed with the natural environment. Seven figures are set in the foreground, each representing a non-ferrous metal and characterized with anthropomorphic attributes. The intense chiaroscuro lighting draws attention to these figures while providing great contrast to the dark background surrounding them. The modes of transportation represented in this work aim to demonstrate an international scale of importance while objects surrounding the figures display a range of products in pure, recycled, and scrap forms.

    A series of timelines are present in the painting. Concepts explored include the miraculiuos birth and rebirth of non-ferrous metals, the development of industrial modes of global transportation, and insights into the importance and history of a fourth-generation leader in the metal recycling industry. 

    Image Design: Melica Bloom

    Painting Execution: Ben Keller

    Copper Frame: Rick Harden

    Photos: Gregory Hartzell Digital Imaging

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  4. Yesterday’s unveiling was awesome. Perfect weather. Thanks to everyone who came out and made this mural possible

  5. In five days we put in over 100 hours of work to paint this mural.  

    250 square feet of pounce pattern, 100% hand painted

    Original design based off of historic photographs from Plainfield, CT.

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  8. Getting ready to lay down a mural tomorrow

  9. Wall prep. Big job starting tomorrow. #mixing #sherwinwilliams #nofilter #thepowerofpaint #handpaint #murals #design

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    Odd Nerdrum

    The Singers - 1988

    This is actually in Greenwich ct. No words.

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